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What exactly is a defense article or service?
How many USML cateries are there?
A broker under the ITAR is identical to a broker under the EAR?
Does ITAR rules apply to non-US citizens outside the USA?
Is the US Munitions List identical to the Wassenaar Munitions List?
Under which law is the ITAR enacted?
If, via a Commodity Jurisdiction, an item is determined to be under ITAR, can you then export the item in accordance with EAR rules when the item is specifically mentioned and described in the CCL?
From which ITAR category is the following taken: Any article not specifically enumerated in the other categories of the U.S. Munitions List which has substantial military applicability and which has been specifically designed, developed, configured, adapted, or modified for military purposes. The decision on whether any article may be included in this category shall be made by the Director, Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy.
For how long do ITAR records need to be kept?
A) Parties that facilitate export or import of ITAR items are subject to ITAR Brokering Regulations (22 CFR Part 129). B) 22 CFR ยง129.2(a): Broker means any person who acts as an agent for others in negotiating or arranging contracts, purchases, sales or transfers of defense articles or defense services in return for a fee, commission, or other consideration. Bearing the above two definitions in mind, which of the following two is NOT a broker?
The EAR rules contain a "de minimis" provision allowing a certain amount of US controlled content in foreign made products for export without a license. What is the corresponding ITAR provision called?
It is well-known that the ITAR rules are extra-territorial but could ITAR possibly apply to the following transaction: A non-US company outside the US produces a product with no USML content or USML derivatives - it subsequently sells the product to an Asian government military end-user.

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