Environmental management attains more and more focus for every single day. We hear about rising ocean levels, changing air and ocean temperatures, more rain in some regions while others are turning into deserts.

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The world population requires businesses to focus on the environment. What way is better that complying with an internationally agreed standard like the ISO14001 standard?

Obtaining certification in accordance with the ISO14001 standard is a process. However not at all a difficult process. Examples of key criteria for obtaining certification are :

  • Top Management awareness and involvement in assuring environmental compliance.
  • A risk-based approach to mitigating how your company affects the environment.
  • Mapping of your company’s significant environmentally influencing activities.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Registration and elimination of non-conformities.
  • Communicating your corporate  stand-point regarding environmental management.

You do not necessarily need expensive software or systems to obtain certification. A simple excel sheet may suffice. With the new standards released from ISO in 2015, and the new High-Level Structure, it may be beneficial for many companies to utilize some form of document management system or similar. Such a system will frame and structure corporate management systems including but not limited to the environmental management system.

ECCDK also provides environmental audits in order to assess the current status. Such an audit may be combined with quality management audits, Health & Safety audits, compliance audits and security audits.

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