More than a million companies in ovmaper 170 countries are certified in accordance with
ISO9001 quality management standard. Suppliers are more and more often required to be certified in accordance with ISO9001 to be considered as a supplier. Not only does ISO9001 certification open up additional doors to the market, it also offers companies a uniform method of managing the corporate business flow throughout the supply chain based on requirements as specified in the ISO9001 standard.

Companies operating without an ISO9001 certificate or corresponding certificate are likely to face challenges in doing business with customers holding appropriate certification. Certified companies have realized the added value of appropriately addressing issues such as:

  • Risk management.
  • Process and workflow reviews.
  • Audits of business activities with the purpose of continuously improving.
  • Management review
  • Follow-up on non-conformities.
  • Identification of major company stakeholders.
  • Definition KPIs and PIs to monitor corporate health.

But how do companies without certification initiate the process to obtain certification. How do companies holding certification keep quality management systems simple and effective. How does project management benefit from scrutinizing the ISO9001 standard? These questions and many other may be on the agenda of your next management meeting or perhaps board meeting.

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