Companies add corporate security for a variety of reasons. Some companies seek to prevent break-ins and therefore approach specialist security services companies. Such specialist security companies provide e.g. intrusion detection systems, camera systems, access control systems, paid guards, or other attempts to prevent unauthorized access to company assets.

Without in any way claiming that the above is unnecessary, there are sometimes possibilities of implementing less expensive means of preventing break-ins.

There are also companies supplying products and services to law enforcement, Securitypara-military, intelligence or the military. On occasion, these companies are required to obtain a government sponsored security clearance. In order to obtain such a security clearance, certain measures need to be in place. Further, some or all employees of such companies need to be security cleared. In order to hold security clearance, a security program needs to be in place. ECCDK can assist with the definition and implementation of such a program without in any way obtaining insight into sensitive corporate information.

Today, many companies realize the value of adding a corporate security layer to their business in order to protect from break-ins or competitors stealing ideas, designs, patterns or other highly valuable assets, which essentially are making you unique in the market. Perhaps the current layer of security would benefit from an audit (or inspection) to identify any less-than-appropriate protective measures. Let’s have a look at areas such as:

  • Perimeter security
  • Personnel security
  • Document security
  • Communications security
  • IT Security

As an example, you could go for walk in your company and count how many USB thumb drives you find during that walk. Many of these – if not all – contain information about your business. Where are your passwords? Many of them are likely in your employees’ top drawers, under their keyboards or directly placed on the monitor. Contact us for an informal meeting to discuss opportunities for preserving your assets.