The term “Lists” refers to the many different screening lists of sanctioned/embargoed end-users with whom you are not allowed to do business. Some sanctons are enforced to penalise persons, companies, organisations or other entities who have violated US, EU, UK or international export control laws, while other sanctions are in place to pressure rogue states to eliminate production of WMD.

The list below does not necessarily contain all relevant screening lists to check. It merely illustrates what companies need to go through to minimise the risk in dealing with dual-use and military technology. To reasonably assure that you are not exporting items or technology to a sanctioned end-user, you will have to step through the following “list of lists”. There are accumulated lists, which can help you to decrease the resources required to check all these lists – but it does take time:

UN Consolidated List
EU Consolidated List
US Department of Commerce, BIS – Denied Persons List
US Department of Commerce, BIS – Unverified List
US Department of Commerce, BIS – Entity List
US Department of Commerce, BIS – Part 736 General Order 3
US OFAC Regulations – Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
US OFAC Regulations – Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council List
US Department of State – Chemical & Biological Weapons Concerns
US Department of State – Designated Terrorist Orginizations
US Department of State – Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000
US Department of State – Iran-Syria Nonproliferation Act
US Department of State – Missile Proliferators
US Department of State – Sanctions for Lethal Military Equipment
US Department of State – Statutorily Debarred Parties
US FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list
UK FCO – Sanctioned Countries and Terrorist Organisations

The accumulated screening lists are as follows:

Fortunately, there are a number of providers of screening systems for which you can get a license to use – for a price. Below are some of the providers:

– Amber Road
– ATTUS Technologies Inc.
– CDC Software (TradeBeam)
– Customs Info (Global Data Mining)
– Descartes
– Dow Jones (Factiva)
– eCustoms (Visual Compliance)
– Expeditors International
– Integration Point
– Kewill
– LexisNexis (Bridger Insight Screening)
– MIC Customs Solutions
– MK Data Services
– OCR Services Inc
– Precision Software
– QuestaWeb
– TradeitSmarter (part of ShipitSmarter)
– Thomson Reuters Accelus (World-check)