ECCDK provides consultancy services within a number of business areas. Our primary areas of expertise are:



  • Export control and general personnel compliance programs.
  • Company Security – made simple and cost-effective using common sense.
  • Quality Management – ISO9001 – consultancy, audit management.
  • Environmental Management – ISO14001 – consultancy, audit management.
  • Workplace Health & Safety – Competence maps, competence gaps, knowledge.
  • Bid Management – The Winning Proposal, increasing hit rate, transparency.


Our services range from simple advice over introductory presentations to direct assistance in defining, implementing and following up on appropriate processes, cultures and simplification of the business flow.

Laws and standards are our mutually agreed means of doing business in ways that do not compromise the boundaries of appropriate business conduct. Non-compliance with laws and ignorance of standards are likely to result in negative market value for your company and maybe for companies similar to yours.

One company’s non-compliance with laws have been seen to result in laws affecting a whole line of businesses. Ignorance of standards are often resulting in poor products and environmental pollution. Your brand and your market value is at stake. It may require an effort to become or remain compliant and aware – but it requires far more to recover from a violation of laws or negative branding of your company.

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